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Welcome to Magical Journey Farm located in Chickamauga, GA. Our 14 acre farm is nestled in the foothills of lookout mountain, about 10 miles South of Chattanooga, TN.  We are home to animals of all kinds both large and small, but our true passion lies with miniature animals.  Here, you can find chickens, ducks, miniature goats, miniature horses, miniature pot bellied pigs, rabbits, miniature zebu cows, and full sized horses. 

Right now we currently have miniature goats and miniature sheep for sale.

If your looking to find gestational periods for your livestock, make sure you check out our convenient livestock due date / breeding date calculator.  It allows you to determine when babies will be born as well as when breeding must occur for a given birth date.

Remember, if you have a special child's birthday coming soon, most of our animals love to travel as part of the Pettin' Parties mobile petting zoo.  Click here for more information.